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Millenium Auto Network is a dishonest dealer. 90% of the cars they sale have frame damage (involved in a serious accident).

These cars are clearly classified as frame damage vehicles at nationwide dealer auto auctons. Because these vehicles are classified as frame damage (been in a serious accident)Millenium is able to purchase these vehicles at a significant discount. They know these vehicles have frame damage but they don't tell you. They claim that their business model is to sale a high volume of cars at very low margins - giving you a good deal.

However, their "real" business model is to sale a lot of frame damaged vehicles at a significant markup - netting them a lot of profits and leaving you stuck with a car that is not worth what you paid for it.

Stay as far away from Millenium Auto Network as you can!!!!!!!! You are not getting a good deal.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States #1105237

I bought a 2012 Honda Accord from Millennium and had it checked out by another dealer, an actual Honda dealership that said it was a good car that was never in an accident. I saved thousands and even saved more because the clear coat had an issue.

I took the car the next day to the dealership and they covered the car under the factory warrantee and they painted it for me. They took it down to metal and re-did the entire paint job.

Yes, I will buy from them again. Very happy customer in Idaho Falls.

Chandler, Arizona, United States #917652

My wife & I purchased a white 2010 Honda Accord LX from them. They were 100% transparent about car being lease return and accident while parked being fixed by insurance as required by lease.

So what.. We got a great price on that car for the exact reason. We've had the car almost 2 years, been great. The brake rotors and pads go pretty quick, but after all investigation, it's a Honda known issue.

These guys took $100 off the cash price for the car when I bought it because of the rotors. I DID get it checked out knowing it was in an accident. The previous comment doesn't mention a specific vehicle. I agree it's a dealer.

I'm writing this because we're looking at another car and these guys are the first place I went back to because of that transparency. You get what you pay for and I will be responsible for what I buy.

Blaming is ignorance. Robert in Chandler.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #661894

THANK GOD someone else out there realizes this. I came across this same revelation, their "amazing prices" only exist because EVERY SINGLE ONE of their cars has been involved in an accident (carfax verified, trust me on this.) Something else I find ridiculous is how painfully obvious it is that everyone at this dealership is behind all the "amazing reviews" when you google search them.

Seriously guys, it's painfully obvious, I'm talking to YOU Millenium Auto. If anyone out there thinking about buying from them is reading this STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

But if you absolutely must check them out, demand to see the Carfax. You will see.

to Anon #811819

This commentary seems a little suspicious, I think this negative comment comes from a dealer. We encourage our customers to do reviews, so the reviews are real and come from real customers, that is quite an accusation with no support to back it up, because we have the email proof of sending out the review links to customers to provide reviews, what proof do you have to support your accusations, it sounds as if you are a dealer who does that and is trying to accuse us of your practices.

We provide carfaxes to our customers and they are available online for free as well, we have nothing to hide, some vehicles may have an incident on the carfax in the past that we sell, but they are usually minor fender benders that do not affect the value of the car as the titles are clean. Is there a dealership in America that has never sold a car that once upon a time had an accident? I doubt it, also what about a private seller, so if you are selling your car and once had a fenderbender, you should sell it for thousands less than one that didn't? Never the case, the key here is transparency on the vehicles we sell, we allow and encourage all customers to get an inspection prior to purchase which is more than most dealers and private sellers allow for.

So before anyone listens to unfounded accusations, like the comment above, get the facts before listening to someone's unfounded speculation. Sincerely, Millenium Auto Network Management.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #642035

I buy cars that have frame damage and clean titles with no car-fax report from time to time. Not that uncommon, really.

I then fix them and sell them. I do disclose that to my customers, though.

to joe #811820

Thanks Joe, we appreciate the fair commentary, the key is transparency to the customer, we see some very rough stuff that large franchise dealers snap up all the time from auctions and sell as "Certified," the hope is that if one is buying a car, get an independent inspection, regardless of if you buy from a large franchise dealership, Carmax, private seller, or anyone else. Sincerely Millenium Auto Network Management


I traveled 500 miles to purchase a 2008 Honda Accord from Millenium because they were the best price in the US on the car. I did the research and none of their cars had frame damage.

I love the deal I got on the car and it is a great car. These comments seem weird in that they say the cars have frame damage, but they don't tell how they know - didn't you do your research first?

Seems like some shady comments. Just commenting because I am heading up to buy an Odyssey and came across these reviews.

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